The Nexus of Change is an initiative created by Nexus Wealth Advisors designed to coordinate and amplify positive change in our community.

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Facets of Impact

Quick Facts
Value-Aligned Investing

Are your investments aligned with your personal values? They can be. While helping you achieve financial goals, your investments also can support causes that are important to you like: climate change and the environment, diversity, equality, employee satisfaction, and transparency. We give you the option to customize your portfolio to be congruent with your unique values.

Percentage of Revenue Donated

Annually, Nexus Wealth Advisors will donate a percentage of revenue received from clients participating in the Nexus of Change into a "donor advised fund" or DAF. Growth and income from the donor advised fund will be given to local charities each year.

Donation Match

Nexus Wealth Advisors will match donations made by participating clients each year to select local non-profit organizations.

Nexus of Change Award

Nexus Wealth Advisors sponsors an annual “Nexus of Change Award” which is a grant given to a local non-profit that is making significant positive impact in our community.

Complimentary Consultation

Upon request, we will connect you with local charitable giving experts who can help you coordinate and tailor your giving in an efficient, tax-favorable way that is also aligned with your personal financial plan. We have established relationships with estate experts, tax advisors, attorneys, consultants, and of course wealth managers.

No Obligation Portfolio Review

If you have investable assets of $500,000 or more, we are happy to analyze your portfolio and meet with you to discuss what you own and how it may or may not align with your values and goals.

Being the Change Together

The Nexus of Change is a cooperative initiative for people whose core values are rooted in leaving a positive footprint on the planet and wanting to impact change in our local community.

Nexus of Change is not an organization, it is not a non-profit, and it is not a company. It is simply a coordinated effort between Nexus Wealth Advisors and successful people like you who want to have a positive impact in our community.

Your money matters. Your investments have an impact in the world. Do you know what it is? Empower yourself and take control over how your money is influencing the future of our world and our local community.

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Value Aligned Investing: Customize your investment portfolio to be congruent with your unique values.

Donor Advised Fund: Nexus Wealth Advisors will donate a percentage of revenue into a Donor Advised Fund.

Matching Donations: Nexus Wealth Advisors will match donations each year to select local non-profit organizations.

Support for Local Charities: Nexus Wealth Advisors will award annual grants to local non-profits doing great work.