Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to change my investments?

No. Changing your investments to be aligned with your values is optional. Clients (existing or new) may maintain a "conventional" investment portfolio and still choose to participate in the Nexus of Change. The only requirement is that you are or become a valued client of Nexus Wealth Advisors.

How do you define "value-aligned"?

"Value-Aligned" is subjective. We have several ways of customizing your investments depending upon what is important to you, your investment goals and priorities, and your account/portfolio size. We are happy to discuss your values and explore options.

How much does it cost to participate in the Nexus of Change?

There is no cost for participating in the Nexus of Change. Should you choose to donate to one of the select local non-profit organizations in order to take advantage of the Nexus of Change match, obviously that is on you. There are fees associated with working with Nexus Wealth Advisors but not with the Nexus of Change.

Is the Nexus of Change a non‑profit organization?

No, the Nexus of Change is not a business or non‑profit, it is a no‑cost no‑obligation option available to clients (and prospective clients) of Nexus Wealth Advisors.

Who is Nexus Wealth Advisors?

Nexus Wealth Advisors is a firm in Santa Cruz, CA offering financial planning and investment management through United Capital. We created the Nexus of Change in order to organize and facilitate our own charitable giving and to coordinate and amplify positive impact in our community. For more information about Nexus Wealth Advisors, please visit or call us at 831‑476‑5210.

What is the difference and interrelationship between Nexus of Change and Nexus Wealth Advisors?

Nexus of Change is a program Nexus Wealth Advisors is offering to clients we serve who want to have a positive impact in Santa Cruz County and the world. The Nexus of Change is not a company or non‑profit; it is simply what we at Nexus Wealth Advisors are naming our corporate charitable giving initiative. The people of Nexus Wealth Advisors created the Nexus of Change as an option for clients who want to coordinate together to amplify positive impact on our community.

Who is United Capital?

Nexus Wealth Advisors employs the cutting edge United Capital "platform" to provide what is in our opinion the best client experience available. We like to say, we are "powered by United Capital". United Capital does not custody client assets. Clients of Nexus Wealth Advisors have accounts at Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, or Fidelity.

Investment Advisory services offered through United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC ("United Capital"), a registered investment adviser.